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Tattletail Wiki and Reddit it’s over but what am I to do she’s out there I can’t go out Henry there’s gotta be something I just don’t get the skin feels really hard like whoa this is legit alrighty sounds awesome ok. I’ll reddit get this one angle thank you don’t be too i’ll try in. This one there are yo candle okay i’m going to try ignoring it happens ignore it just move on okay.
Like slender if slender could appear in your site randomly kill you that’s what you keep it alright so oh my gosh this is business stop this is ridiculously hard like. I don’t know maybe there’s a strategy of the game i just don’t get but without knowing what ever that strategy might be to me it just feels like im sue the corner now like. Hoping because it’s up to whether mom decided she wants to.

Brandon leave here and kill me or not because; I honestly don’t know what. I’m doing wrong so it’s almost like i’m going to keep trying to settle one time I randomly when with no skill involved just because she never thought this was likely ok nope that is not good alrighty just keep on getting these keep on getting ok it’s i’m doing so bad too i got and stuff too that’s not good what ok if she appears in the room what can I do you in order wait that was just do if you see here for a while just look.

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  1. that is legit creepy O.O

  2. yeah i agree jade it is creepy

  3. how do i not download the game and still get to play? I realy want to play how do i get to the game?????

  4. hmmmmmm i do not now how to get it

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