Tattletail Ending


I just got cheaper called no more mama that’s cool Tattletail Ending what whoa haha it’s not done what I mean what Christmas date that was it needs a drink open your present it’s probably sharp teeth coming to eat me but hey it’s daytime you know masonic my dead parents or something because they tied him up for some damn reason so they’re under the tree now and I mean what else would it be other than a purple tattletale hey.

Music stopping okay we’ve been over this it’s over I killed mama see told you anticlimactic there’s no reason for that don’t be creepy video game haha [Music] funny really funny so everyone’s gonna be in to go oh it’s over okay eggs collected of to see that’s what I’m curious about i don’t know if you got to do something with the eggs what happens if you get all eggs it’s making a big stink about them anyway thank you guys so much for watching tattletale with me maybe tattletail ending I’ll take a look at the eggs you guys can let me know if you know if it’s anything regarding the eggs if you enjoyed this let me know if you want to see more horror stuff let me know I’ve been on a horror kick lately I’ve been enjoying it gets me all riled up it gets me excited I feel like it’s fun so again if you guys liked it leave a like on the video and if you aren’t subscribed yet go ahead subscribe or if you can unsubscribe to go ahead and subscribe that’s apparently going on around YouTube right now yeah thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you.

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  1. yh i played this game so horrible and mama tattletail vioce is creepy but when the ending is finally over the only thing is all tattletail all tattletail friends want to destroy mama tattletail but i don’t know why they hate mama tattletail? and why mama tattletail hate kids?

    1. and why is there a jumpscare when you do the bad ending

  2. How do you download it

    1. cause the kids behave bad

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