Tattletail Basement


I’m going to show you guys a lot of fun we’ll talk about this game now it takes three seconds to abuse this game. I just jump onto the birth of that jump onto this and you are free onto the roof you must be up here because you can actually kind of break, your game by jumping off of an area you’re not supposed to get to so it’s gonna mess too much with that right.

Now so you can do that so experiment with that if you in a bit in the game or something it’s only like five dollars cheap game; but it’s also short so not a whole lot of play time came into the basement ok here’s this friend and put them here with his friends alright so we got the whole game no no there’s more friends all the gods ordain survive obama and go get the friend ok now that is a task. I can do alrighty let’s go with that what’s that mom stay on the move go get the friend okay friend is by the Christmas tree oh that’s getting out of those our eyes scanned us just doodles.

Guys don’t need to worry just get the front ok don’t die mama ok my safe there okay once you get the friends are dead ya think i’m good now is he groomed your random friends anymore you should you’re not important that now i think if mom was here I’d worry about it but I don’t think mom is so let’s just ignore that day we go ok find a friend in the garage oh gosh you gotta go all the way out to the garage let’s go the light hasn’t turned off which means I’m probably safe for now right it’s not dark yet think. I’m safe ok let’s just go okay probably on my way back in maybe maybe the lights going to go out oh no oh gosh ok good print good friend ok open often graduates, ok so i gotta get him back while in danger than the last stuff when he needs food Oh hold this friend needs food ok mom must be nice introversion basement ok ok.

I thought thank you thank you alrighty just had to get on treat them the whole goal ok nothing big not gonna have to journey all the way into the basement with a random appearing scary mama to kill me alright there we go to place in this chair there there we got that we got the whole gay okay pick up tattletale ok so what are we doing all we got to get decorations oh girl cupcakes oh ok so all right let’s just get cupcakes former that’s easy that’s easy i can do that i get my makeup case ok this right here there we go Cup case bring snacks all right bring snacks the basement.

7 Comments on "Tattletail Basement"

  1. This game is so scary. Why would you make this kids could play it and get freaked out. So take it down or I’m calling the police

    1. really soooooo true I’m being sycastik

  2. just kidding

  3. So scary!!!

  4. I want to play the ragler tattle tail in its scary when the tailtails say I can here u

  5. I cannt play itd mt fear I fart when I’m scared

  6. when you look mama eyes turn to red run and hide your tattletail and no sound cause mama have a excellent hear and teleportation

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