Tattletail All Jumpscares


About upstairs over here yeah this is wide open don’t answer Tattletail All Jumpscares that we you and your family the best holiday see them and happy call there’s a cow on the other end of that thing now what was telling me not to answer the phone like it car keys interesting there’s a total by the way but it was saying not to answer the phone. I don’t know why is it because it was a telemarketer like was at the joke oh I’ve been able to jump this entire time what I have been denying myself some puppies and what are these breaks the entire time i had no clue that.

I could jump wow oh why not run I thought we banish mom I can’t let go to bed peace and sound you know what about my mom whatever happened to that problem was she like tied up somewhere in the garage. I feel like I’m missing something here a little easter egg i was wonder what happens if you get all the eggs all the easter eggs might be worth investigating no more mama.

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